Ron in one walk

Created by Andrew one year ago

Above Verbier, as summer visitors will know, is the chapel of St Christophe – a bit of an uphill walk through the woods ending in spectacular Swiss views.
Ron, of course, striding on ahead.  Not that there is any idea of competing to be first. 
And yet he was also, always solicitous of us mere mortals who couldn’t quite keep up.  He was generous in his hospitality and in his kindness and in his welcome – which is why his friends were there.  And because we felt valued by someone special.
His mountain striding was part of his enjoying life, and the world, whether in the hills of Switzerland or the garden at Crayke. And, of course, his pleasure in being so fit for so long, and still able to be in front.
But two footnotes.  One, about neighbours: having Ron-and-Bridget as next door neighbours was just wonderful on so many levels.
And, two, what may be a unique memory.  Ron the theologian.  His last email to us ended, “It’s a bugger.  Love, Ron”.