Blunting Nails

Created by Murray one year ago

I knew Ron through being “Alison’s boyfriend”  (between about 1990 and 1995) and being very good friends ever since. So that involved many visits to Crayke, Verbier, etc.  Here is my version of Ron in five words (I originally thought of three, but you can't do that with Ron!)

Generous:  It is always a bit scary going to see your girlfriend’s parents, even when you are in your 20’s, but Ron (and Bridget) couldn't have been more generous, welcoming and fun. I've got very fond memories of that time in and around Crayke – the lunches, dinners, the chat, the stories.

Competitive: Was there anything that Ron didn't try to beat you at? Skiing? Squash? Board games? Story-telling? And that approach to life rubbed off on everyone else around him too.

Adventurous: Ron loved to discover new places, new tastes, new experiences, new people.  He and Bridget visited me when I worked in South America (Bolivia)  in mid 1990s and we travelled together for a short time (without Alison!). He was great company, taking a keen interest in everything and everyone.

Mischievous: Ron had a real glint in his eye - it was almost captured in some of the photos on this site. I remember one visit (to Nikki and Dave’s house in Bristol?) when we were helping with renovation works and I shared my (well-founded) technique of blunting nails in order to rip the wood fibres and avoid splitting the wood. Ron found this hilarious, and I don't think I ever had a conversation with him after that when he didn't tease me about the blunting of nails. We sent him a short video of me teaching my kids to blunt nails in celebration of his 80th birthday.

Demanding: I think you only have to look at his family and all the amazing things they have achieved to realise how demanding Ron was. “Challenging” or “able to bring out the best in people” is perhaps a better way to describe it. What a positive force for life.

Wonderful (OK, 6 words): Ron’s intelligence, his zest for life and his physical fitness meant that he really was full of wonder.  He will be missed enormously. I hope the family stay well and take some solace from all the good memories and the many positive effects he had on peoples’ lives – and that they keep in touch.

Love  Murray