A Good Decision

Created by Lorraine 2 years ago

I will always remember my first trip to Verbier with Ron and how it came about by chance. Eric & I attended the Penguins Christmas Dinner and I found myself sitting beside Ron, who I knew, but not well. Inevitably the chat turned to skiing. I was lamenting the prospect of  a ski free year as all my usual accomplices had desserted me. ‘ Why dont you come and join us in January?’ said Ron. ‘Us’ being Mel, John Ward & John Hutton. I spent the next few days mulling the invitation over. The prospect of spending a week with 4 relatively unknown older men was a daunting one. In the end I decided to be brave - how bad could it be? And if it was, it was just a week…. The rest is history. Many trips and great memories later, and frienships that have grown beyond just the ski week, I know my bravery was rewarded. Ron has been a great friend, support and mentor over the many years since. It has been a pleasure to know him and get to know Bridget and the family. 
A true gentleman, with a keen interest in everything and everyone and a mischievous streak to keep us on our toes - Ron will always have a special place in our hearts. ❤️

Eric & Lorraine