A life well loved

Created by Nigel one year ago

Despite being a teaching colleague of Ron's in Chemistry at York, it's fair to say that our scientific collaborations were mainly conducted in the Verbier kitchen where he inculcated me into the art of post-ski G&T preparation! Just part of the way he made me feel a welcome part of those trips as I enjoyed the opportunity to make some good friends and get to know one or two members of the wider Hester family.

A few years back, our ski group were able to congregate at Pete and Gilli's place in Crayke to celebrate his 80th birthday as a surprise event to which Bridget complicitly steered him tight-lipped and where the celebratory beer label (picture) originated. Like you all, I will miss Ron's friendly, upbeat presence and sensible advice, both of which he was still sharing via email just a couple of weeks ago. The more I have learned about him since we lost him, the more it is clear that he has enjoyed a life well lived and a life well loved, and it has been a privilege to be a small part of that.