Remembering Ron

Created by Salli one year ago
Husband, father, professor, sportsman, handyman, our neighbour and Big Kid!
In 1995 as we moved in next door to Ron and Bridget, he was maintaining the high wall that held their garden a superior height to ours.  We always felt fortunate to have the Hester family as our neighbours.
On reflection I think Ron was chuffed that our sons Jon and Nick were in their teens, so were up for him improving their table tennis skills and introducing us to croquet – but obviously we never won.  We went go-karting together, shhh, occasionally we had road races too!  He was such fun!  It became the norm that whenever there was a new James Bond film out, we all went to see it – I still can’t watch a 007 film without remembering those times.
And then there were the walks, the swims, the meals, the evenings on their terrace or ours. admiring the view and putting the world to rights – especially regarding visible flag poles.  One summer evening I recall sitting on their elevated terrace, gazing across the Vale of York, as Ron slowly emptied the back of his ‘drinks cabinet’ in a tasting session.  Let’s presume Jon and Nick were old enough by then with not far to totter home.
He talked with Jon about science, university courses and the future.  Nick had a great time with him in Chalet Grumps as chalet boy to The Big Chalet. 
In 2001 Andrew was in Bosnia, Jon and Nick were beyond 6th form and I wanted to fulfil a long-held dream to visit Tibet.  Not easy at that time.  Ron encouraged and supported me to ensure it happened.  We all loved him.  Family Hester will continue to be very special to us.
You would smile when you met Ron.  You would enjoy his company.  Yes, he will leave a great gap in so many lives, but the memories he left will continue to make us smile.